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hi LR! there are, and i do! often saturdays ill go help at the store, and im the designated sign maker when im there ive also made a nuisance of myself in my building by leaving little flyers for the store lying around
and also, Update!
it felt so good to share again and just vent that i actually talked myself into a solution..when it comes to problems in my life, im sort of a slow mover, i tend to roll it around in my head for days and sometimes months, weighing all possibilities, before acting. this means that if i go to bed feeling bad and obssessing, i wake up feeling that way. sometimes not hearing from M&H all day, leaves me feeling lobely in the evening, and then terrible the next morning when i wake up. its so important that i feel good in the morning for the rest of my day to go wel|!! (i work with kids, and a good modds kind of required to do my job well, and thats a hard thing to fake!) SO. i was chatting with H this afternoon ( he had a bit of time) and i was able to state my needs in a more clear and positive way! ive asked him, when he has time to relax and hes online late at night, to send me an email, short or not, and explained how special and appreciated i have felt in past occasions when hes taken the time to write to me! he responded so enthusiastically! even wrote me a poem on the spot thank you everyone for providing me with a place to talk through my thoughts. it really, really helps
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