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Greengeco, your indeed like my Mono! Are you too lost brothers or something?! Wow!

Your post made me tearful as I heard in it what I hear from Mono. LR is a VERY lucky woman as I am! She must be very special to have such love for so many years.

Thank you for the explanation on the gecos. Simply beautiful. What a find when you found that!

Thank you also for the expanation of how it all "works" for you all. I have so much more clarity now as do others I'm sure.

I feel so fortunate for the time Mono and I have together. My husband is very giving and very well grounded. He works very hard on himself and his relationships. He is very even tempered and stays on top of his feelings much more than I am able to. He is dedicated to our "V" working and strives for a balance as do we all. I have had to ask him not to call when I am with Mono and have to be the one that weighs out who's needs should come first depending on what is going on in everyones life. It helps that we only have one child to manouver through all this. Still, as you say, we are family and we stick together.
Thanks for the post. Look forward to hearing more when you can.
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