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If the what if's are looking back the list could potentially could go on forever. Going forward .... I had and interesting encounter at the local gas station-mini mart... they have opposite swinging in swinging and an out swinging ...... this stunningly attractive women steps in front of the in swinging door and I almost hit her with the door as I was getting my morning coffee she slipped and bumped into me..... then as we were both leaving the parking lot she changes her mind and starts backing up and I had to honk to divert the accident...she stopped just in time .... I got out ....she started to apologize and I said Hi I'm (name ) I think the universe wants us to meet....better get this out of the way before somebody gets really hurt.....she laughed and that was it....haven't seen her since. But what if.

Mono the" what if's" only extends to you dropping the compromise. Not "what if " I'd had the same number of partners RP has or just simply having one other relationship?? The what if's thoughts that cascade out of that are pretty endless.
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