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I've moved in my new place. I'm unsure what I'm going to do until October. I've been looking for a job still, handing resumes in supermarkets, fast food stores, video rentals, etc, and nobody got to me at all since May... Now if they do I kind of dread telling them I'm leaving in October. Would they still want to hire me? Should I not tell them anything and wait until September and give my month's notice?
That's if I find something before September of course. At this point it seems unlikely.

But my stress is much better than it has been. I'm feeling like there is some progress being done at the very least. And just because I need to wait until October to see Seamus again and most likely won't get a job in between doesn't mean I can't make progress in other ways.

I'm waiting to get the money back from Raga so I can use it to send him some stuff, and to get my plane ticket in October while I'm at it. I'm hoping it won't take too much longer to get there, he said he sent the later last week.
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