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good morning (its morning where here) thanks for the comments,


...So what your saying is test her commitment or resolve with this contract. Force her to put her money where her mouth is. I'm not entirely sure how the prorated thing would work....what do you think about mileage? or is that just pushing it. The problem with contracts is enforcement ....I've paid enough lawyers bills for a while that's the downside to your idea.

Interesting note...I did ask if she thought my financial participation for our wedding was in some way responsible for her desire to be someones slave.....and she ever felt like property (with me). I must say these questions brought a lot of tears ....she said that it was one of a handful of good memory's and now that had been put into question. Oh ...the answer childhood molestation...nothing to do with me. Never felt like property either....she said that I rarely made demands unless it had to do with the kid and I was generally right in those cases. Her view of it was a partnership among equals. She then broke down how she saw that as well.

Another interesting note that just came to light her mother has been on anti depressive medication for the past 25 yrs....I thinking guilty conscious. This whole nightmare has put grandma down as well ... more collateral damage.

Therapist bills were her's in the beginning and my kids and myself ya it adds up quick at $100-150 per hr.


I think you 100% right about interest and respect. On the drive over to the meeting I was concerned that things may break bad....her trying to spin or rewriting history which would/could cause a very negative reaction from me. What I found was a crushed human that was trying to rebuild their life's impossible to be mad at someone in that was extremely sad to see and hear ....very depressing.

As for fucking the new toys.....She attacked me so technically I'm a victim....a completely happy and satisfied victim but a victim none the less. As for the other women sex has not occurred yet. And it may not may be a boundary in which a greater commitment is necessary....I really can't do that at this time.

I stated to all that I'm dating from a prospective of a single guy....non exclusive.


Train wreck pretty much sums it up....I had the same thought. And dating maybe over stating her desire ....spending time together to repair the relationship. On the other hand she did say numerous times she wanted her old life it's hard to say.

A romantic relationship between us at this time us is virtually impossible. If she has that need it will have to be met elsewhere.

I'll save you time reading my story ....Stupid, sad train wreck.....lot of beat up body's and wreckage.


Your right she would like to come back. I unsure how you got the impression I would take her back to make her pay. That pay idea is Neon"s. Not mine. My natural response was/is to walk away and move on with life. Her continual plea's, and out reach ...letters and phone messages have me questioning what is the compassionate coarse of action. I didn't commit to anything ....I told I'd think about it. As for me inflicting more injury or humiliation looks like she taken care of that herself....I couldn't come close to her internal dialog. As for the kids I didn't even tell them I met with her head off any discussions.

Do you mean why I'm not dating exclusively the personal trainer? 1. not really ready for that....perhaps never will ....eggs in one basket and all. Trust issue might be hard to overcome. 2. no reason to ...don't have to
She has a very out going personality ....perhaps a bit too much ....or a little coarse....or unrefined.
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