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Default Hello from London, UK

Hello everyone!

I'm fairly new to polyamory and my main appeal for polyamory is about the very deliberate focus on and requirement of honesty, respect and love in every relationship.

When I started studying polyamory a few years ago (mainly to study the true nature of jealousy) I realised that (apart from physical intimacy), that this is largely how all my close friendships function anyway, especially with my female friends.

Unfortunately, I have no experience being in a polyamorous relationship. Most of my life I have been a "serial monogamist", causing me and my partners suffering time and time again, because either my partner or I became convinced we were with the wrong person and had to find "The Right ONE". Had any of those relationships been polyamorous, no (or at least very little) suffering would even have occurred.

My biggest problem with monogamy is that it directly celebrates and justifies jealousy in really destructive ways because of the assumption that jealousy equals love, when jealousy is fundamentally about insecurity. Recently, I had the opportunity to feel true compersion for the first time, and it was a very powerful liberation, both emotionally and spiritually, combined with a level of pure joy I had never felt before! It's really hard to describe, but after this epiphany, life will never be the same again!

All these things put together, polyamory is just the natural path for me to follow, simply to be true to myself.

So, here I am!

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