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I think the hardest thing for me is I need my routines. It's the only way I keep my OCD and anxiety in check. I've had one roommate who actualy cleaned up after themselves and didnt get in the way of me doing my daily thing. And was in fact more than willing to do whatever he needed to be out of my way to let me be.

Karma comes from a family of hoarders. Animals and junk. He doesn't hoard, he has vowed to never live like that. THANK GODDESS!

But his ADD gets in the way of him "seeing" when something needs done.

We both adapted, I learned to handle my OCD better and let some things go, and he has learned to take care of something as soon as he sees it so he doesn't forget.

I think a lot of living together is compromise and respect. Karma and I have talked about buying a duplex or adding onto an existing home, if we were to ever have one of his g/f's live with us. That would allow him to have both of us close but still give me my space.

TP-I have no advice, but I'm sorry, that's gotta be a hard place be in.
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