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Default The shoulder to cry on

One thing I'm finding a little difficult is that I am the primary source of comfort for Indigo and Mr. A.

Indigo's dad has been in and out of the hospital for the last couple of weeks with a terrible infection. Indigo is understandably scared; his dad doesn't take great care of himself, is diabetic, etc. He has been well and truly ill. He has two border collies. In all the time I've known Indigo, I've never seen his dad go more than a few days without taking the dogs to the park, and only if he's really sick. We're coming up on three weeks since his dad's been out with the dogs. (Indigo and I are doing it, though more him than me since he's off work right now.)

Mr. A is struggling with not getting enough hours at his "primary" job. I say primary because it is the career he has chosen to define himself by for all of his adult life. His secondary job is paying really well, giving him good hours, but is also stressful because it's new and he's learning still. And it's not him. He feels inadequate and that he's taking steps back in his career. In reality, he couldn't continue on his desired career path if he wanted, because it's not paying well enough and he's got a large amount of debt to pay down. I tell him he working now so that he can do what he loves later.

I certainly wouldn't want either of them to not be able to talk to me. And yeah, they're big issues. I guess I just don't know what to do with "their" stress after they share it with me.

Writing it here has helped, but further suggestions would be appreciated.
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