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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Do others go through this and if so...what are your what ifs and how do you handle them?
I wonder what would have happened if, instead of breaking up with my ex, I had suggested poly to him. We were in a long-term LDR, I wasn't getting enough of sex, and whereas I wanted to graduate, move to the same country and be together, his plans for the near future changed constantly, until at last he was able to fess up that he didn't see himself settling down to any one country in the next five years. And I told him I was not going to waste next five years of my life hanging on to a monogamous LDR. I later thought it could have been the chance to bring up poly, but I didn't know the concept at that time.

Besides, everyone here says that relationship issues will only deepen and worsen with poly, so we maybe weren't really cut out for that anyway.
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