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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
If you choose roommates/partners carefully, you are less likely to end up with an inconsiderate slob, unless that is what you prefer.
Yeah, and lowering one's standards if you do happen to love that inconsiderate slob can also help, too!

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I tend to collect stuff, hold onto old things, and can very easily and quickly be surrounded by clutter. He always wanted me to toss my shit out.
Flattie is what appears to be a hoarder. I have no formal training in clinical psychology, so my impression is pretty much based on what I see people on tv do. She can't throw away newspaper, leaflets, basically anything that comes through the mailbox will never leave our house unless I intervene. She can get extremely anxious if I just mention throwing any of her piles away, so I just do it sometimes when she's not there. I don't know if that's mean, but I think she's sometimes relieved that she doesn't have to make the decision.

Another thing she hoards is food. Our fridge, freezer and cupboard are always swamped with stuff, literally rotting away. My mum has cleaned our fridge twice. Flattie occasionally cleans it too, but she seems unable to take the stuff that's gone bad outside. So it just sits on our kitchen counter, happily decomposing along. We have a biotrash bin but nothing's ever there, instead it hangs out on that same counter and the smell can be pretty overwhelming sometimes.
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