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Default Gosh, it's been a while...

Yeah. Lot of stuff been going on. Still not actively poly, but working on it.

Procrastination caused one missed opportunity (and a later conversation with the lass about self image carried the subtext that she totally thinks I'm hot, which only adds to the facepalming)... but do not despair, for there is another lass I rather like! And this time I'm actually going to say something, because one thing that I've learned is that the actual consequences of my actions are never as bad as the imagined ones are.

Yeah, generally I've been grabbing life with boths hands and laughing in the face of fear. Well, at least grinning nervously at the back of fear and hoping it doesn't notice what I'm doing.

Basically I'm done living in a way that I think people will approve of and am concentrating more on doing things that'll make me happy. None of the stuff that will make me happy is harmful or illegal or crazy-in-a-bad-way so why not go for it? And if anyone decides to turn their back on me because of it, fuck 'em, if they really cared about me they'd at least turn a blind eye.
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