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Default Figured I should re-introduce myself

since only a few people probably even know who I am! I wish I found more time to participate in the forums, but I do so value the friendships I have formed here.

At any rate, I'm a poly woman to what used to be my husband's mono, but he has now had a girlfriend for over a year! I've had half a dozen relationships in the last year and a half, which have all faltered for one reason or another, so as I described to my therapist, I'm pulling in my wings for a bit (I really like this symbolism for some reason).

My (ex) boyfriend is coming this weekend and I anticipate it being challenging and yet wonderful to be with him. He has decided to give monogamy another go, as his primary relationship while he was poly was very painful. So, with a rather heavy heart, I support him. Really looking forward to seeing him with my kids again because they adore him and he them! Now here's hoping I don't have crying fits the whole time he's here ;-).

Oh, and I told my step-sister about us being poly as she is coming for a visit next week from Chicago and she was very receptive (phew!). I wouldn't have told her except that my mother knows (I was outed to her) and she would have!
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