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Default What are your "What ifs"

Redpepper and I had a great discussion today about the compromises we make to be together. This was sparked by some new posts around mono/poly relationships.
One of the things brought up was her asking what if about relationships that have possibly passed her by due to our compromises. What would have happened to those relationships if they were allowed to become whatever naturally occured?

This made me realize that I also often ask myself what if we just drop this compromise and see what happens? This leads to what if it is great, no big change, more freedom and acceptance. It also leads to what if it breaks my connection with her or sets me up to make an exit.

There is a constant assessment of the impact of these what ifs that both of us go through frequently or all the time.

Do others go through this and if so...what are your what ifs and how do you handle them?

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