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Originally Posted by nicothoe View Post
So I am curious about how many couples there are here - that before they even become polyamorous - knew and accepted that their partner was a sexual creature attracted to other people.
I knew for years that my wife was bisexual, long before she admitted it to herself or we really figured out we where poly. I encouraged her to explore that side of her sexuality because I knew she'd never be able to be happy otherwise.

And besides, as I put it: "Look, darling, you are craving vagina and I very obviously don't have one. Go get it.".

Think of it as an early way of realizing that I couldn't fulfill all of her needs, so I told her to seek out what she needed from someone else.

Originally Posted by nicothoe View Post
May be you asked each other whether they found a mutual friend attractive, and were never threatened by the answer.
As for this part, I've had this conversation with my wife (as well as a very close friend, and yes hilarity ensued). Most telling wasn't just who was on the list, we took it a step further and asked why they where. It's a pretty good exercise that teaches you not only about your partner(s) but also yourself if you're honest.
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