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Originally Posted by JaneDoe41 View Post
That's why I just want to be quiet and stay happy for now. I've been through a lot of pain in my marriages and I just feel that I deserve some happiness even if it comes in a non-traditional form.
Everyone deserves happiness, and I hope you find it however it works for you. I don't envy the situation you find yourself in trying to balance your own worldview with that of your ex when it comes to relating with your son.

I know there's others around here who also live in places that are less accepting or favourable to non-traditional relationships, and have serious consequences for those who don't follow the party line. Hopefully some previous stories will help you to negotiate them successfully. (I wish I had some better suggestions, but since I live in an area which is fairly tolerant of other people's behavior, my only suggestion might be to move to a less socially restrictive environment....which is unlikely to be a workable solution for you.)
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