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Default Am I greedy?

She stands like a man and I hold her hand
even though I've a ring on my finger.

When she smiles at me I know what I want to be,
and the taste of her on me tends to linger.

Then at home I hold my wife so dear--
tell her my dreams and I tell her what I fear--
and then I run in the rain with her again,
and I know there's enough inside of me.

I have love for both, like the children in my home,
I don't want to "be free", I don't want to roam.
I want to stand and hold her hand and be her man,
and share an even bigger love of our own.

I won't kiss her once and come back to you,
I want it all, big and small, every day.
I won't sleep in a bed that is smaller than me,
See you both, love and tumble as we may.

I love you dear and I love her too,
I know just exactly what I want to do.
But it requires we maintain a thousand tiny things,
and endure, from the world, a thousand tiny stings.
I won't pretend that it's easy, or the ride isn't queasy,
but your smiles are worth it to me.

Your laughter and your eyes--
our loves endless surprise--
your hearts and your hands--
what you both help me understand--
This overflowing cup, this love so free--
it is all so very worth it to me.
It is so very worth it to me.
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