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dear violet..
i dont really have advice either, i just wanted you to know how completely i empathize with your situation. it really fucking SUCKS to be caught up in this kind of emotional spiral (esecially when you dont even know WHY you feel the way you do!!), which makes it so hard to think and actually find solutions!!! i feel like im in a similar sort of foggy headspace lately, where all im doing is emotionaly REACTING to thats happening in my life instead of ACTING to make things better. the past week has been better, because ive been consciously taking some time out for my SELF, doing sort of brainless but relaxing activities with/for myself like little solo spa nights, taking time to walk the dog a good hour longer than usual, buying myself little gifts, taking time to read and write about the things im feeling...its hard to take that time to recenter yourself when all you really want is immediate resolution, but hopefully it leads to an eventual resolution thats more considered and ultimately better for all. im sorry your hurting.
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