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Default 2 night and 1.25 days with lover

We went over to Lovers for load of water, and to drop me off at his place for a night of cuddling. The next morning I had a few errands to run. When we finally finished feeding his rabbits, and chasing the goats out of the fence they broke into we managed to get ready to go. Before we took off I called to see how it was going on her end. Woogie was teething badly. I told him Tylenol, frozen blueberries, and lots of cuddling. The Dew on the other hand was being great. The heat was bearing down on us when we finally left. The stores were cool. He took me out to lunch. I actually got an hour nap when I got home. I can't remember the last time I had a nap.

I started dinner for everyone. Peeled and had potatoes on for a kids delicacy: mashed potatoes. Gave Jewell a call as time was slipping by fast now. Jewell on the phone sounded tiered as hell. In the background were two very happy laughing kids. She didn't want to disrupt their cute little game. So we decided it would be best for me to spend another night. I was simi excited, but also very home sick to the point of Lover offering me a ride home. I almost said yes, but it was late, and I am sure by the time I arrived home everyone would be asleep.

We ate, and enjoyed a ball game on the radio. He kissed me with the joy and excitement of having me another night. I spooned Lover, and slept like a log myself. I heard the radio click on. Morning news filled the air like the smell of his morning cigarette. I wanted him bad once more before having to get out of bed. It wasn't had to lure him back in.

We got Jewell to come over for breakfast. Potato cakes, from the left over mashed tators, and a frittata. The frittata has become Lovers and I favorite morning breakfast food. I did the cooking as Jewell and Lover hung outside doing chores and talking.

From Jewell later on; She got Lover to almost admit how much he would miss me when I left. He was more honest then ever with his love for me. I am sure that there is more to their convo, but I am not too noisy.

At breakfast he sat closer to me, and let me drape my arm around him. As we were leaving he waited just until they were out of sight before planting a huge kiss on me, and squeezing me. I trailed his face before saying goodbye.

Now Jewell and I have fully adjusted to the shifts of me leaving. I do what I do when I leave and come back; be it town, mom, or Lover. I jump in the shower for a few moments. I did it when I was working as well. It is my way of getting 5min to reflect and shift energy. Jewell and I were strikingly on the same page about everything. We discussed the goats we are going to put up for sale, our building, the kids, the finances. Communication seemed to flow beautifully between us.
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