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Default Knock Knock

now you say "Who's there?"

...ok, just kidding. It's not one of those Knock-Knock jokes, just a greeting.

I'm a relatively young adult gearing up for my sophmore year in college now, with ideas to be a writer for a major. Not a very professional pay, I know, but its something I've been wanting to do, and our country needs more inspiring art and less worry about politics and income. But, I guess this is what happens when you're young and having no strong belief in either conservative or liberal ideas.

I'm new to this, but I'm very open minded and speak out what may bother me. I don't have anyone close to me yet, but I'm looking. The idea of it came to me when writing a short story in Creative Writing class a few years back in high school. I wrote a love triangle short story with an open end, yet wanted some kind of resolution, and hated choosing between two characters I liked ending up with their hero friend. So, it just came to me to have them together, and since then I studied the idea of polygamy, or polyamory really. It interested me, so I joined some sites that speak about it, like here.

A thing to know is that I feel a bit insecure about my age here, since I'm sure there will be a lot of adults in their 30s to 50s range or something like that, and its not that I don't think I'm just as intelligent as everyone else. I know age doesn't measure intellect, but I feel it has a say in confidence. If you're younger, you feel like you have to meet a higher standard for others to be considered at least equal.

Other than that, I wish to get to know you all well.
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