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Default Introducing ... myself

Hello, I just stumbled over this site, and wanted to introduce myself. I'm thirty married, with two year old son. I don't know much about how other people live the life, but I'm curious. I sort of stumbled over it, and I'm nervous but so compelled. Theoretically, I'm okay with Polyamoury, I've loved more than one person before, but it's been a rough road between my husband and I. My husband and I have had a lot of financial and communication issues, but we're a lot better about the communication and honesty. It started out with a crush he had, that turned into a three some one night, that turned into an affair that almost ended our marriage. And then there was our girlfriend about two years ago, but I was still angry about being manuevered somewhere we hadn't negotiated for, and I was nervouse and very insecure about my body and moral background. (I"m married and bisexual and raised as a fundamentalist pentecostal christain so I've had a few hangups along the way) It didn't end badly, but it kind of petered out, mainly because our girlfriend was full of grace. She's the one who pointed out to me where I was having issues and help me confront and heal from it. She left us in better shape than she found us, and then she moved away. I wish she'd move back. Right now my husband are physically separated while we try to save up money to get our own place again. There's a woman we're both interested in, we both like. She likes us. She aproached us a year ago, well, me specifically, but we weren't blunt enough with eachother. I'm afraid that if my husband and her start up before I get home I'll miss out and it will be more of a V when from everything we've said so far it sounds like it could be a beautiful triangle, if I have the terminology correct. And then I think, there's that fear popping up again. Anyway, I"m also interested in spinning and knitting and christianity. I'm looking for anyone interested in friendly encouraging chatting, and glad to meet you all. The posts have been enlightening.
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