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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I certainly have had my share of roommates-from-hell. My apartment is a small 1-BR and I've lived here many, many years.

Before I got married I used to rent out the BR and sleep in the LR.
And now you're considering doing that again! I hope you get a nice clean sober roommate who only comes home to sleep and shower!


Back to living with partners, there was a difference in standards between me and my hubs, and this was something he got heated about a lot. I tend to collect stuff, hold onto old things, and can very easily and quickly be surrounded by clutter...

Funny, how much neater I am since he moved out. However, a friend of mine had to laugh recently when he asked about all the dishes in my sink and I told him I occasionally go on strike. He said, "You're on strike against yourself?" and I said, "Yeah, it's not really working out too well, 'cause eventually I am gonna be standing here for an hour doing all of these." We both cracked up laughing.
My gf was raised by hoarders and inherited the tendency, or disorder. It does bother me, but she has been getting much better over the last few years, with the help of therapy. One of the reasons we haven't moved in together is because of this problem. I spent enough years in a house with a slob of a husband, 3 kids, various partners of theirs, way too many pets and clutter, and no one committed to helping cook, do dishes, de-clutter, or clean. I am not going back there again.
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