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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
I see gay lib, women's lib and general secularization of culture (or more like the spread of new secular religions like nationalism, capitalism, environmentalism, and human rights) as the reasons why so many Christians have gone batshit crazy. They are trying to fight for a worldview and culture that are no longer sustainable. It's a bit like the fight over slavery, with similar splits among moderate churches back in the 19th century over whether someone who is a Christian can also be a slave-owner. The Bible is of course pretty clear on that point - sure! However, this is not how we understand the Christian message as it applies today.
Intriguing BU. I will have to think more about this. It does seem to be a continuing reaction by many, maybe most Christians (some become more liberal in how they perceive the Bible and some don't) against modernity. In the US, this hit public consciousness in the 1920s with fights about evolution. Gay and women's lib add more aspects to a powerful reaction against modernity.

I will ask Beloved this question and see if she has further thoughts from her perspective.
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