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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
That is absolutely opposite to most Christian teachings, and especially to the born-again or fundamentalist Christianity I've come into contact with. (I do realize that born-again and fundamentalist are not necessarily the same.)
Yeah, I understand the word "born-again" carries a whole different baggage in the States as it does here. I use it to describe a specific spiritual experience instead of a culture of fundamentalist evangelical Christianity.

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
Maybe I will become Christian, or she will become something else, or we will just agree that we have different paths that march alongside the other. I think the later is the likeliest option to date. She does not try to convert me (never has actually) and I do not try to swing her to my beliefs. It has worked for us for over 11 years, but it is not always comfortable (which is ok - life is not comfortable).
Vanilla currently to my understanding is agnostic, although some New Age and Christian teachings appeal to her on an emotional level. The only real issue would be if she became militant atheist bent on destroying organized religion alltogether. I have one of those as a friend and although I enjoy the discussions we have, it would be exhausting to debate constantly with a life partner.

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
Our ethics, morals are very similar which helps a lot. Do you and Vanilla have similar ethics? Do you view moral problems in similar ways?
I think so. Those she does not (to my knowledge) share like non-violence, loving your enemies and loving-kindness towards all beings, she accepts in me.

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
These type of Christians seem to have been overrun, at least in the U.S., by a hateful, arrogant version who damn anyone the least bit different. It's profoundly sad to me.
I see gay lib, women's lib and general secularization of culture (or more like the spread of new secular religions like nationalism, capitalism, environmentalism, and human rights) as the reasons why so many Christians have gone batshit crazy. They are trying to fight for a worldview and culture that are no longer sustainable. It's a bit like the fight over slavery, with similar splits among moderate churches back in the 19th century over whether someone who is a Christian can also be a slave-owner. The Bible is of course pretty clear on that point - sure! However, this is not how we understand the Christian message as it applies today.

I think the weirdest thing about neo-fundamentalists is how they criticize using other sources alongside the Bible for ethical deliberation - harm reduction, reason, conscience, science, observation, majority opinion, utilitarianism or any other secular ethical philosophy - but at the same time are very keen on using all of the above-mentioned in trying to prove how Bible must be understood exactly the way they understand it (Think of what would happen if everyone went gay? There would be no babies and the human race would go extinct. God wants humans to multiply, hence God hates fags!!).

Ah, but enough about them. Back to topic.
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