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Talking All the little things …

...that make me happy

I think I read on Penny's blog a comment about “When everything's fine, why post?” and it is so true. Sward asked me if I have updated the blog during the last days and I shook my head because I recognized I wouldn't know what I should write about. But then I thought that maybe I could write about the positive things that happened, all the little ones that made my days brighter. One really tends to write solely about complicated stuff here.

Well, what happened. Lin arrived for a three weeks stay on Thursday. The trip was quite exhausting for him, but they changed his medication to take some strain from his heart and everything was fine. Sward helped me to choose the right clothes to welcome him at the station; we picked those that made his heart skip a beat. His comment: “I love to see you in those, Lin will be thrilled as well.” Sward took the ice cream out of my hand when Lin arrived at the departure platform to give us the chance to hug and kiss. It was the first supportive gesture of many that followed during the upcoming days.

We live in a spa town. Therefore we got a thermal bath, Salinen/salterns (they create the salty marine air), spacious spa gardens and many spots that are designed for tourists because of all the people who visit for their treatments at our health resort. We spent the weekend with tours around town, showed Lin everything. I got to walk with them by my side, snuggled at the shores of a quiet lake, Lin and I were chauffeured by Sward in a rowboat, the two men went shopping to do the daily chores and cooked, listened to an open air concert and other activities. As if we never did things any other way.

The sleeping arrangements had been discussed beforehand: They took turns, one night on the couch, one in Bed with me. The only moment so far where Lin and Sward got into a darker mood. This was quite new for both of them and they had to gauge the fact that they had to stay behind and let the other leave with me for the night. But it was just a moment of discomfort for both of them, they handled it well.

Sward had still been on sick leave because of his back pains and went back to work on Monday. The time split is a bit unequal at the moment. Lin gets to be with me all day long and every other night, while Sward and I have only some hours before we head to bed. I am waiting for Sward to mention this. I decided that I would not meddle too much in their affairs, because I tend to overthink and create problems out of thin air. They should find an arrangement on their own. Communication has been great among them and I am grateful that this special issue hasn't been one up to now. They spent a whole day with each other; Lin accompanied Sward when he had to visit his mother to help with some things around the house and had a great time with each other. I stayed home and got time for myself, prepared some Sushi and was smiling brightly every time I pictured them together.

Sward as well as Lin said to me that they were really surprised about how smoothly everything went. Sward spoke of harmony and Lin thought of the situation as a calmly flowing stream. Their biggest fear has been that they wouldn't be able to tolerate the other and me together before their eyes, but there has been no real problem. They were relieved that there has been friendship from day one between them and the situation didn't feel forced.

The first week is nearly over and time flew by. Still two weeks to come, but I know that it will be hard to part in the end. Lin already said that he doesn't want to leave, but we will have to. The presentation is the next thing we need to focus on after the visit and we got everything ready to start working today. All well at the moment
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