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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
I think I've seen it go equally both ways with both genders, but it's usually a definite either/or. If their ok with the emotional connection, then there's massive drama about the sex or vice versa. So while I don't think the issue is in the least gender specific, Nicothoe is probably correct in the thought process/mentality behind his example.
Well, he made a rather blanket statement:
Originally Posted by nicothoe View Post
. . . men simply don't like "their" women having sex with other men. We like to have a monopoly on sex.
My point was to counter that by saying that is not always the case, and I would hesitate to even say it was the majority of cases. Oh my goodness, for a while it seemed that every new guy here was talking about how easy it was for them get into swinging or to pimp out their wives, but not for their SO to fall in love. So, to state it in a way that sounds like, "Let's face it, this is how it is" doesn't really fly. Especially on a poly board, where many people have gotten past so much societal conditioning.
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