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Arrow friendship taken slowly

meeting or knowing an individual, whether in person or at a distance, and intuiting something deeper can how i move forward with a relationship. however deep it may develop or with what amount of "connectivity"

FOR ME this works...

ps have known IG for 17 years...when he lived a few houses away....i would hear the roar of his motorcycle...see his dark eyes and long dark ponytail, rangy build...and kind ways...and try not to shatter my lower jaw on the road more than once, when he walked past shirtless...

he asked once if I thought of having a the time I was porcupine-y and apt to throw quills at anyone who got too close...

he dropped HIS jaw,he remembers, when I said...
the only roommate I'll ever have...
will be tall, dark handsome AND IN MY BED.

Years later...Hah! There he was, or I was...and the deeper connectivity became...
All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog--Franz Kafka
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