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Bugger now my first lost post turns up and it looks like I duplicated my reply from memory. It must have sat in a moderator's in tray for a few days.

About the porn thing, check out It's related someohow to another site which has awesome information about how our brains work when sexually aroused. That is here:
Thanks for the links nycindie they look very interesting from a quick scan. I'll read them after this. Though I'm not sure porn is my main problem. I mentioned porn in my first post as an example of one of the things I find myself doing instead of having sex and how all those things drain my energy and my life. If porn can make one impotent whoa I'll cut right back.

My sex life with A is great I really can't ask for anything better with anyone else. In fact I don't think I would ever find such long term satisfying sex anywhere else. How do I explain my restlessness? It's not as if I'm in great pain but if the need goes unsatisfied for days and months and years I start feeling desperate. There are so many attractive people women around me every day I can feel the juices flowing. A hungry man inhaling the smell of delicious cooking and forcing himself not to eat any of it. It does not make any kind of sense. Now I know it's not me who's abnormal it's almost unbearable.

I loved Auckland when I visited in 1990. When in NZ, I lived most of the time in Manaia
You lived in Manaia of all places nycindie? It's really small lots of cows. Auckland was pretty quiet in 1990 it's grown up lots since then with shops and restaurants open later and more coffee shops.
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