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Default Freedom and surprising turn ons.

Until about 3 weeks ago my partner and I were your "typical" hetero couple. Then I "came out" to my Beloved, "Asha" (male) about wanting to love more than one person at the same time. He was so beautifully accepting of it, such freedom I found in admitting that to myself and to him. All of a sudden a huge upsurge in hornyness pulsed through my body and I became a lot more intimate, loving and our sexual encounters were so much better.

Today Asha told me that he thought he was a bit queer. My response overwhelmed me. Love compassion joy and freedom flowed. I was so genuinely happy for him! To feel the freedom and love in our relationship to admit that, and for him to be able to free that previously hidden part of himself.

And more surprisingly I found it such a turn on. Now the sexual energy is ever present and compelling. And it's from that freedom of being able to be more yourself than ever before and to be loved for it. It's a beautiful thing, and such a surprising outcome of honest conversations, when the level of consciousness and compassion is high.
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