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Arrow what comes most naturally

what comes most naturally to IG, is "being with" others...couples...he said recently. Most Naturally...and he has vowed to himself, and i applaud him for this, to live without denying this part of himself, which he needs and which in previous lives, he has promised he would refrain from, which led to giving in...which led to deceit...which led to destruction.

He no longer wants deceit via omission or commission, in his life...something else which is a bold step and which i am proud of him a sense he is "standing up" for who he is and how he wants his life and loves and caring relationships to be....

I am far more of a loner that IG...some of my best times have been alone, out in the woods or out in my boat, hunting or fishing, alone (with dogs as company) I need that.

I suspected some women in family lore were polyamorous...and now at 50 I understand, there are options to the monogamous Prince XCharming on a white horse model who will save me from 100 percent of the pain of life and give me 100 percent of the joy and love and companionship and be eveything I will ever need.

Thank God, when my young niece and her friends go out in to the neighborhood Woods to play Princesses...they wear tiaras and sequined fairy wings, carry toy jeweled wands...and play pretend battle with monsters and demons and dark forces in the universe...coming back muddy scratched by brush but happy and fulfilled...

THAT's my idea of a princess...don't wait to be saved, learn how to save others...and while you're at it, you can save yourself with the help and battle tactics of your fellow princesses...and the princes on the white horses who DO happen into your life!
All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog--Franz Kafka
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