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Violet-why on earth would you think anyone would give you flack for having emotions??

I would hope that you have seen (as I have) that everyone here understands that emotions come up and we have to deal with them and often that dealing is a struggle. How you ACT can get you flack, but how you feel???

I think that some of your post sounds like you are building a bit of a bigger fire on your own (perfectly normal-but not helping you either). Like the issue with ld relationships. Instead of being angry with Anne, maybe it's time to really delve into why that is how you feel. I felt that way for years as well-but then one day I realized it was because the only people I knew who tried had failed. Also-how long is "too long" for someone to be away? Like Maca and I. We are not in a LD relationship-but there have been times over the years when his work took him out of town for work. The longest he was gone without a visit was 6 weeks. That was hell-but we knew it was temporary which made it possible to get through it.

Try to calm down a little emotionally-pull back from the feelings, then pick ONE and try to really delve into the "WHY" of it. Ask them to help you. Ask us to help if you want. But don't punish yourself for having weaknesses-we ALL do. Some are a little more hidden than others, but we ALL have our weaknesses!!
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