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Originally Posted by islandgy9 View Post
In an email recently M said: " Have you considered coming out to the forum and saying you are bi? Revealing the whole of you is risky but may be freeing. It was pointed out to me early on that I can NEVER meet all of your needs particularly sexually..." personally I don't remember "pointing out" that she could "NEVER" meet all of my needs...
Interesting. I think the point of why she'd say that was kind of glossed over in the "bisexuality" discussion, but I get what she was going for. You want her to be "more" in your life and she's saying, "how can i possibly be everything you want ANYWAY.... i can't satisfy you fully because i don't have a penis," [for lack of more elegant phrasing lol].

people have said this often and i don't quite get WHY. realistically, who can give another person 100% of what they want? i may be attracted to girls with large breasts and large bums. if my girlfriend has small breasts and a large bum, that doesn't mean i'm unhappy or unsatisfied with her. i can still love feel total joy at the sexual relationship we have. doesn't mean i'm still not into large breasts, but i don't NEED her to have them.

also on that train, i often say just because i am polyamorous doesn't mean i NEED to have multiple partners at all times. i can be perfectly happy with one partner -- what makes me polyamorous is KNOWING that i CAN have full, loving relationships with multiple partners. same goes for bisexuality -- doesn't mean i HAVE to be with males and females all the time. i can have a fully satisfying relationship with one person, but i know that i have the ability to be with either sex. that's that.

i dunno, not really much on the topic at hand... just something i find comes up a surprising amount. people assume because you have a certain label, you HAVE to live a certain way or you'll never be happy.
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