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I totally know what you're going through!! I am having major issues with the fact that Dragonfly is "In" love with DragonBorn. How can Dragonfly's love for me be the same when this love for DragonBorn has grown? Does that mean she can fall out of love with me? ETC.... I know all these dark feelings and questions that burn in your mind, I have them too! The thing I've been hearing a lot here on this great wonderful site is that it's ok to have these feelings. It's ok to be angry, pissed, hurt, afraid, etc... I'm just now starting to believe this. Now starting to be ok with having these feelings, I can take them to both Dragonfly and DragonBorn and tell them that I am in so much pain and angry and afraid. Since I've talked to them about this "repeatedly", we've come to find a balance. A way that we can all deal with this pain. The only advice I can give is maybe the 3 of you can do the same. Know that it's going to hurt all 3 of you, but a little pain shared by all is better then the gut wrenching, throwing up, eye popping crying, had by one. And the three of you will grow stronger for it! I know we have. If you want details as to what exactly we've agreed upon for a balance, just send me a PM and I will gladly give you the details. Just know that what exactly has worked for us, might not exactly work for you, but can lend you the idea(s) that could help you find what will work for you. I hope this has helped!!
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