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One thing I can tell you ,( that I have come to find in any opening of a relationship ) that those highs and lows are going to happen, and that they are ok.

As long as the spouse is talking, and being honest and open, that is the best place to be.

So if they talk when they feel good,...great.
If they cry and spill out their fears ...also great.

When people shutdown, that is when problems happen.

I am talking specifically about spouses here, ftr of anyone reading.

I have watched as much damage happen, during 'highs' when spouses stop talking ( They get far to consumed with the new partner, forget to keep embracing the old partner.) I have when people get scared and shutdown.

So on that note..I think its great, that your wife is able to communicate both her scared moments to you, as well as her 'ok' moments.
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