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Arrow "sport fuckery!"

what a great, descriptive term "sport fuckery" is... i see NOTHING derogatory about it and in fact am adding that to my inner vocabulaty of sexuality...thank you Sagency. When a swinger starts setting up appointments a couple hours apart when swinging through (pardon unintentional pun) a region on a "business trip" THAT is well described as "sport fuckery"...

i was invited to be a guest of this gentleman...but my first feeling was "OMG!" What the h----! How bizarre!" now i have a descriptive term, for that kind of situation which this individual relished...To each their own and live and let live...thank you for considering me, but I will pass on your invitation at this time...Good luck in your search for companions!

i want IG, and all i care for, to be all they can be and seek what fulfills them...

on a personal note, what amazes me about all posting here, is the recognition and respect shown, of the 'significance' of the feelings and emotions of anyone posting here...hallelujah
All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog--Franz Kafka
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