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Red face

Hi O,
I didn't mean to come across as judgemental as to pure Poly/love vs. Swinging or sport fucking (that last term sounded kind of derogitory to even me! :0 ). People like/want/need different things that's all. It just seems to me that in some posts/threads "swinging" has been specificly pointed out, even isolated as and identified as non-poly. The thought of recreational sex "seems" to bother some folks maybe because to them it "lessens" what loving physical intimacy means to them. I understand that. I'm not arguing anything or defending myself, there is no conflict here .

As far as me being Bi. It never played into the issues I am dealing with here... As far as I can tell, so I never thought to mention it. For the reccord with my threesome couple friends, one more than the other, there is almost equal interaction between the three of us but the "variety" of guy/guy interation is limited with mutual agreement as to preferences...

Don't know if all of that is TOO much info but for some reason m thought it important... I think...
If not than I feel a bit silly, but I have nothing to hide, it's just me.

I liked your term "lesbian-ish"! I know I'm definitly not homosexual-ish... I'm way more hetero than even Bi-ish... The term I've used to describe myself is "Bi to a degree". It kind of leaves the door open IF further explanation is sought. Too many labels..
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