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Thanks to all for the updates. This weekend was great. We enjoyed each other so much and truly connected again. For the moment, she has everything in perspective and she is working on her happiness. We did not spend the weekend obsessing about T. I think she realizes that when I am home it's about her and me. And we really appreciated the time together. She will be seeing T this week, but she is no longer obsessing about him. No more texting all day long. No more avoiding me. She is keeping him in perspective too. L be wants is to have fun and at this point thTs what she wants too.

I hope we can keep this going. I she keeps everything in the right perspective, things are good.

Regarding my female friend, I am not pushing that right now. If things get crazy again I think I will. For the moment I think that would just add complexity to a situation that seems to be stabilizing at the moment.

Thanks again to all.
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