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Originally Posted by islandgy9 View Post
From what I've picked up from this site, most folks here don't like the idea of sex simply for the sake of sex/physical pleasure.
In an email recently M said: " Have you considered coming out to the forum and saying you are bi? Revealing the whole of you is risky but may be freeing. It was pointed out to me early on that I can NEVER meet all of your needs particularly sexually..." personally I don't remember "pointing out" that she could "NEVER" meet all of my needs...
For the first point, some do, some don't. The people who don't mind sex solely for pleasure without the context of a relationship (or a less 'deep' relationship) may not post as much or they just don't address that part of their life here.

As for the second, there are a number of bi men running about here. I can't imagine why all parts of you would not be welcomed here. (I acknowledge that being a bi man is a whole different ball of wax than being a bi woman. I think in many ways it's harder.)

I'm not a bi man (lesbian-ish right now) but welcome!
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