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A couple of years ago, the family and I went on a camping vacation to a four day festival that my new girlfriend had invited us to. We had decided beforehand that I would spent two nights in my own tent, and two in the girlfriend's. That seemed fair. The wife and I had been poly for about six months, and my relationship with the girlfriend was still in the NRE stage. It was at this festival that the wife met another guy, and later started a long distance relationship.

>>>>> Fast forward a few months.... >>>>>

Yay! It was time for another camping trip!! Only this time, the girlfriend would not be there, but the wife's boyfriend would be. So once again the the wife and I discussed sleeping arrangements, and it was agreed that she would spend all the time with the boyfriend. It seemed the most egalitarian solution. Afterall, they only got to see each other a few days each month.

>>>>> Fast forward to present day.... >>>>>

Next month we go camping! Yay! I'll be there with my wife, my girlfriend Writer and Artist, who I have just started dating. Writer's new flirtation may be there, and possibly Artist's boyfriend, and the other two guys Artist is dating. In whose tent I'll end up sleeping's guess. Given that this is a community with many polyamorous people, there are always other "opportunities" that may arise. As such, the wife and I agreed that there would be no predetermined sleeping arrangements.
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