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Default Pizza and Love

Hurray for me and Lover time! Jewell dropped me off. She had her work cut out for her today. Lover and I had a farm chore we had to complete, that took an hour. It was hard not tearing his clothes off. Once it was done we jumped in a quick cool shower, and finally bed. We had such a fun relaxing time. It wasn't tell almost 9pm that I spotted Jewell's lights on the road.

Jewell actually asked me, earlier that day, if I had enough love time with Lover. It was a shock. A good shock. For once he wasn't shy with the sex part. I told it was all good, and that was it. I am one to keep bedroom stuff in the bedroom. She would have gave me all night if I wanted it. We have things to get done today, so tempting as it was I will wait tell I have a open day with no rushing around.

Lover and I made dinner. Homemade pizza seems to become our specialty. He started the dough and I finished it with flour and kneading. He made the sauce. I put together two beautiful pizzas that came out great. Woogie crashed early on his bed. Rayne was really laid back, after she had played her games with Lover. It wasn't until midnight that we headed home.
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