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My wife is open to exploring poly, though she herself does not want involvement with anyone on a sexual level other then me. My GF was originally into the idea of exploring poly, she was with her SS partner at the time we first got together so, not wanting to end her existing relationship, poly looked like a good option for her.

My wife is still open to try it but since my GF split with her SO, she now wants us to be mono. I just can't see that working for me, I think I am wired poly, and I have a wife who is understanding enough to let me be, unfortunately the 3rd party I chose to be poly with want's me to be mono with her. So I know I need to go back to my wife and if the opportunity to try poly arises again I need to address it the "Right Way".

It's not even about sex for me, I just want to be able to love and care for and provide for all the people in my life that I love. Unfortunately right
now my GF's possessiveness won't permit me to do that. I understand her values are her values, I won't ask her to change them for my sake.
But I know it's going to hurt us both terribly when I finally end things, which is going to be soon, as I can't take the stress much more.
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