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Hmmm. Beloved is Christian (although I don't believe she identifies as born-again) and I am pagan-ish, although I have a strong Christian Protestant background. (Growing up, I got to see the best of Christians and Christianity between my grandmother and the teachers at my Lutheran elementary and middle/high schools. I learned much of my ethics and how to be an authentic, truthful, loving person from them and I am so grateful. I did not move away from Christianity out of lack of great examples.)

I used to worry quite a bit about our lack of a shared faith. Beloved's Christianity is very important to her. And while I have no idea where my own wandering road of spirituality will lead, I am quite certain that there is no one way. If there was one true way, I believe an all-powerful, loving deity would have definitely informed us of this fact rather than leave us floundering about with various prophets, sacred texts and so on. That is absolutely opposite to most Christian teachings, and especially to the born-again or fundamentalist Christianity I've come into contact with. (I do realize that born-again and fundamentalist are not necessarily the same.)

Anyway, I worried that Beloved would leave me to find someone more religiously compatible, and I really could not fault her for this. However, she has stated that she would not do this and has faith that our spiritual paths will work out the way they need to work out. Maybe I will become Christian, or she will become something else, or we will just agree that we have different paths that march alongside the other. I think the later is the likeliest option to date. She does not try to convert me (never has actually) and I do not try to swing her to my beliefs. It has worked for us for over 11 years, but it is not always comfortable (which is ok - life is not comfortable).

Our ethics, morals are very similar which helps a lot. Do you and Vanilla have similar ethics? Do you view moral problems in similar ways?

I'm not sure how helpful my response is but I'm looking forward to other responses!

P.S. And let me preface - forgive me if this comes across as condescending, that is not my intent - but it's really nice to chat with someone who is born-again and not batshit crazy.

I miss the loving, reasonable Christians I grew up with. They knew their faith, lived it and believed in it but never gave the impression that they knew everything at all times for everyone. These type of Christians seem to have been overrun, at least in the U.S., by a hateful, arrogant version who damn anyone the least bit different. It's profoundly sad to me.
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