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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
Anyway. Enough hijacking your blog.
Hijacks are always welcome!

Spent the weekend visiting Vanilla's friends in the Southwest. Had a great time, her friends are really cool. I am actually pretty relieved I liked them so much. Even my blend of humor seemed to go down pretty well .

Attended Slutwalk! There were about 1 000 people marching. I wore fishnets and a T-shirt that didn't really cover much anything below the waist. I would have liked to walk with a sign but was late to come up with anything good. It's hard to describe how exhilarating it felt to be walking with so many people with a single purpose, with so many people watching and taking photos and trying to spell out the signs and figure what's going on. I totally get how people can be swept up with mass movements, even totalitarian ones.

Later in the evening I attended my first ever fetish party. Surprised to say but there was nothing really gruesome or disturbing going on. Even more surprised that I was not bothered in the least by Vanilla going in her friend's leash. I was pretty tired and didn't know too many people there, so it would have occasionally been cool to be able to talk to her, but I did get a hugsy at one point when I was left alone with Vanilla. It wasn't mind-numbingly cool and the music was too loud and mixed for my taste, but Vanilla wanted me to be there and I was happy she had a good time.

I was initially reluctant to go because I didn't want to kill her mojo with her friend at the other end of the leash. They see each other only a few times a year and I didn't want them having to worry about the newbie gf being dragged along. I guess I could have been more social but as said, it was late. I told Vanilla before we went down south that we need to agree on a non-obvious sign so I could excuse myself in the case they wanted to get it on without me . She said she trusted my social tact in figuring it out, should the situation arise. It didn't, but now I'm presented with a whole new poly problem; they are nice, and I'd love to hang out with them, but what if they want alone-time with Vanilla? I can't well just tag along to every trip Southwest. Maybe I stay behind and she can go alone, and if they want to visit us up here in our new apartment, we can hang all four of us .

I am once again so relieved and happy that we don't have a whole lot of rules with Vanilla as to who we can be and do what with. Other people's rules like no stay-overs, sex-only allowed outside of the primary relationship, sex only if the primary partner is present too, no new partners of specific gender etc. freak me out some. It feels too much like people trying to safeguard themselves against heartbreak.
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