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Default baby steps

I decided to take a page from Anne Koller's book 'An unknown woman's and start this part of my life by figuring out who i am, I mean really am. I don't have a strong sense of self so how can I decide how I feel ?
I want this to work, khas has decided to face who he his and his wants and needs.
How can I do less?

I hate how sad he looked last night. He kept apologizing for not noticing how low my self esteem is and has been. I have tried to share my feelings but only I can fix it and life gets so busy it is easier to just keep going.
I am grateful in a weird way right now. Grateful that he trusts me enough to share, grateful for these awful feelings that made me stop and look inside.
And grateful most of all for the brutal honesty required on both of our parts.

I must admit though I could have lived quite happily without my husband falling in love with my close friend.
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