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Originally Posted by RunawayJim View Post
I would have the conversation with your wife if you're really feeling this way. Being completely honest and open is life changing. I had it all bottled up inside before my wife brought it up. You never know. If you've never had a good long discussion about it, it will be good to do.
Believe me that discussion is coming. I'm not THAT hesitant to bring it up.
When I say re-opening the discussion, I do mean that. It's something we've discussed, but the discussion has been "on hold" I guess for a while, but it does have to be brought up again. I may be concerned about how best to approach it, but the one thing I am certain of is it is best done in person and the sooner the better. I hope that she is the one to broach the topic first, but I will not wait too long before I bring it up myself.

i think that I've identified the main emotion in that overwhelming wave i mentioned in an earlier post as anxiety. I think what it is that is driving this is I know I am going to be with my wife for a very long time (I hope for the rest of our lives) but I also know that that is most likely going to mean moving around from place to place for a while. This job she is in now will only last probably a few more months, a year more at most, but the next step in her career will likely take her and I both to a new place, possibly a new country for 3-4 years, or more.

I think that part of this anxiety has to do with having finally established some long-term, close friendships, and knowing that I am likely going to be separated from these people, whom I consider to be my chosen family, in order to continue with my adventure with my wife. She being the closest of them all.

It hits especially hard with Brigit as I feel particularly close to her and only wish for more closeness.
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