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I am Critter. My husband (Fish), and I have been married for 7 years. I recently admitted that I have cloistered feelings for a college roommate of mine (Devo) for at least the past 9 years (while Fish and I were dating). I was too afraid to admit these feelings to myself .. let alone anyone else.

We have formed a V. Its not perfect by any means, but it is working. She is gay, has never dated a male. I have never dated a female until her. My husband has not expressed an interest in finding a gf ... but if he does, I told him that she HAS to fit into the family dynamic. Devo is family to me. Id make her my legal wife if it were allowed. We are currently looking into things like power of attorney and other legal crap in case there is an emergency. I have two children Z and W with Fish. They both love Devo.

Devo currently lives out of state, but we try to see each other often. We were very spoiled with time together this summer.

We are very very selective of the people we tell - and that has also been hard on me. Im proud of my relationship status .. and really want to tell the world and have them accept Devo for who and what she is. Unfortunately society makes that nearly impossible.

Big smiles, by friends.
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