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I asked her to post on the boards because when we talk lately it just doesn't all come out. And boy did it all come out - you're right baby, lots of that is a surprise to me.

And to add to th pile, you left out Anne's position re you. She is complately and madly in love with you. More than with me sometimes - she says so openly.

Ceoli - your comments are the ones she feared the most, and openly stated that your "flak" for her feeling this way lately is what prevented her from coming out with this on these boards. Conversly, I think - and I'd bet a lot of money on it - that your POV and input is both what she needs and wants the most. If either or both of you want it to be private, so be it - but I think this thread could be very good for posterity.

I love you baby. I always will and can't imagine life without you. I don't want to imagine life without you even if I could. I don't want to continue hurting you. I don't want Anne to end up trashed by this and I know you don't either - you have worked SO HARD at making everything work out up until now, you have single handedly saved this triad on 2 or 3 seperate occasions.

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