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Default "Dragonslayers"

NightDragon and DragonBorn had a conversation this morning. It was a conversation that was much needed. It was a soul searching, heart wrenching, tearful, hurting, letting go and holding on sort of conversation. I think that's really what male bonding is, they just never want to tell us girls

At any rate and in all seriousness, I am ecstatic they finely talked heart to heart.

After DB went home, ND and I talked, quietly, calmly, with no tears and all love. Something finely let go inside both of us. That something was pain and hurt, the sharp, dark, angry, thing inside us both, stopped it's ruthless attack and instead just stood there, patiently, waiting to be dealt with.

I am forever grateful that the boys slayed that dark hurtful "dragon"(s) between us three.

I know it's been said countless times and will be said countless more... Communication boys and girls, for the win!
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