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I had such a lovely weekend with rory and Alec. We got plenty of alone time with rory and I also enjoyed Alec's company a lot. I can see that me and Alec are getting more and more relaxed with each other and I love that! We can joke around and talk about stuff, just like friends. Also I can kiss rory or hold hands in front of him and obviously rory and Alec can do the same in front of me and nobody is feeling uncomfortable.

This weekend I had a huge epiphany. I've been talking about wanting to move back to the city I used to live (where I lived when I met rory) a lot lately. Now I realised that it's not only that I want to live in that particular city, but I also really don't want to live where JJ lives now, which is my home town as well. It's a small town and I just feel there isn't enough for me there. I realised that I have to get out of there at some point, to a bigger city. This is huge for me because my whole life I've thought that my home town is the place I want to settle down to. I can live somewhere else for certain periods of time, but I would always go back there. We have a house there, my parents live there and quite many of my friends as well. And suddenly I feel that that's not the place I want to be anymore. So.. let's hope that JJ wants to move with me to the big city. If not, we'll have a LDR for the rest of our lives or we'll have to break up. Doesn't sound good, does it?
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