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Mo, very helpful words for me to read today, so thank you.

My husband wanted to know every detail at first. Now he just wants to know when my Bf and I meet up, and sometimes a few details (but overall the sex is now more "predictable" so what more can I tell him, you know?) (And I don't mean "predictable" in a bad way, LOL! It's just that we aren't acting out some wild and crazy porn movie or something, we are making love, enjoying each other and being in the moment). As long as he is reassured that I love him and I am still committed to our marriage, he seems to be doing all right.

Now my husband has begun a relationship, though, and it is different for me. I am curious, but I really like what Mohegan said about privacy. My husband's new girl has a right to it, and I want to be respectful of her.

Being on this side of poly is .... enlightening, to say the least!!!
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