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My husband has no smell whatsoever. He thinks I'm crazy for lamenting this. I beg him sometimes to go a few days without showering so I can find out if he does in fact have one! But he is a clean freak and would never be able to stand that.

I love it when our pillowcases smell like our sons' hair, when they've been sleeping in there. But my husband can't STAND it when he knows the sheets are due to be washed -- he makes me feel creepy for liking "dirty" sheets. He washes his clothes even after wearing something for only an hour. He freaks out if he knows I haven't had a daily shower -- even on days where I haven't done much to get sweaty and I don't feel dirty in the least.

I think he has a strange imagination (paranoia?) about scent -- he suspects things are smelly when they smell perfectly fine to me. And I have a VERY strong sense of smell, believe me! If something is stinky I would be the first to know. But I am not necessarily offended by certain smells -- especially human ones (except of course when they are overpowering or there is bad hygiene). Sometimes this disconnect between us makes me feel intensely lonely, for some reason.
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